Stranger Things Tribute

Upside Down recreation in Barcelona

RAC105 graphics

Logo animation, lower-thirds and intros

Video edition RAC105

Video edition and graphics

Broccoli is over

Graphic style of the game show

Virtual set Broccoli is over

Virtual set of the game show

I wish

Video edition, color grading and visual effects

House of Cards

Alternative opening

ERAM Presenta 2017

Graphics for the 2017 edition of the awards show

Info K

Graphic and video editing tasks as an intern

Haz tu pastel más grande

Campaign ads


Visual identity for the web


Federation's website

Marta Expósito


Virtual Retro Heroes

Graphics and live broadcasting of the live matches for this YouTube channel

ERAM Presenta

Graphics for the 2015 edition of the awards show


Online shop for the spanish distributor of S'cool brand

Trencapins 2015

Poster of the cycle route

Rumescu web

Website of the humorous publication

Pleinair Festival Documentary

Video editing, cinematography and graphics

Rumescu vids

Video editing and graphic elements for the website

ANC Audiovisual

Video recording of the most significant events

La División Azul

Video editing and graphics for a short documentary based on the Second World War

Virtual set Virtual Retro Heroes

Virtual set with chroma for the YouTube Channel


Online store for the company

Pleinair Festival Book

Design of the book

Centre Ona

Corporate website

Desenterrant el Negre

Video editing and motion graphics of this mockumentary teaser

Fitness Integral

Corporate website for this wellness center

Receptes sense

Book cover

Ràdio Les Borges

Corporate identity of Ràdio les Borges